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Concept test

Concept test - weRESEARCH

Analyzes consumer reactions to the marketing idea before it is transformed into a product.

It'aims at a detailed analysis for the reconstruction of the meaning perceived by consumers.

Examines the idea of product or service in the way:

Cognitive - understanding, acceptance, approval, expectation, relevance.

Symbolic - the main consumption values and emotional meanings attributed.

Name test

Name test - weRESEARCH



It analyzes the name in its evocative, affective and symbolic aspects.

Verifies the relevance with the desired positioning or with its pre-existing image, if the product is already on the market.

Pack test

Pack test - weRESEARCH



It examines the packaging of the product and possible alternatives.

Perceptual aspects and expressive codes are taken into consideration, their integration and the ability to confer distinctiveness to the product within the category of positioning choice.

Product test

Product test - weRESEARCH



Survey to determine the degree of acceptance (the likes-dislikes) of a product among consumers.

Consumer reaction to the product performance is evaluated under normal conditions of use.

Usability & attitude test

Usability & attitude test - weRESEARCH



Evaluation of how people interact with certain products: high technology, furniture and design, user manuals and maintenance services.

In view of the evolution and development of products occurs practical use (transparency).